Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love fun earrings and with short hair I get to show them off, so I've been playing. The first pair is destined to be gifted, but I really like the coloration.

I also have a dagger obsession, especially these spotted daggers, so I am always looking for fun things to do with daggers. These are capturing daggers on the top and bottom of a right angle weave stitch which is then sewed into a tube and slipped over the top of the cz. There is some perfecting which needs to be done, but all in all I like them. Can't wait to make a second pair.....but not today.

Today I go on my weekly Tuesday outing with friends, and most likely will be knitting on Bitter Root, a lace shawl which has been neglected. In about ten more rows (really long rows) I get to the fun part of placing the beads.

Time to get ready!


Mikki said...

Love the dagger earrings! I keep my eyes open for those spotted daggers but as yet have not found any....you must have a secret dagger supplier!

Alma said...

A fantastic masterpiece!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Daggers are so beautiful and I love the "feel" of them as well as the color. I love your design.

Rosanne said...

Great earrings! Those daggers are different, I love them.

dbeck2151 said...

make both earrings into kits!!!

Terri said...

The first pair of earrings (can't remember their name) aren't they in an issue of B&B or Beadwork? Do you remember which issue? I want to make some!



Terri said...

Never mind! I found it!

Sockentick said...

I love the earrings so much and i did it, i did it an i did it.
greets from germany

AdagioBeadcrafters said...

beautiful! And since purple is my new favorite color, they're perfect!