Saturday, April 17, 2010

An artistic outing to Los Angeles

I sometimes forget to take a break, go rejuvenate, smell the thank goodness for Mark who decided that we really needed to go the LA County Museum and see the Renoir exhibit. Happens it is near to one of my suppliers and I needed a few we set out early Thursday morning and only had to tolerate about 1/2hour of bumper to bumper (How do people live in LA?) before arriving at our first destination. While I filled up the bead inventory, Mark set out to a foundry that he had discovered to see a bronze that interested him.

We then stopped for a charming lunch, and headed over to the museum. The exhibit was wonderful, many many of Renoir's post impressionism portraits, so compelling. I didn't realize how crippled he was by arthritis but still continued to paint.

An earlier call to my friend Liz Smith and we made a plan to get together. Her home, gardens and studio are all beautiful and her and husband Grant are very gracious hosts. Grant is also owner of Mr. Toots, my all time favorite cat, could you help but love that cat?

I've long admired Grants gardening abililties and have wanted one of the whimsical ceramic totems that are a sprinkled liberally through his landscape.

This has been a years long quest and finally it was time. With the yard remodeling that we are undertaking I have a place. A quick phone call determined that Leslie Codina was/is showing her totems at the Fullerton University Aboretum this weekend.

First though we had to return to the Foundry where owner Ian gave us the tour of wax casting, coating with ceramic, firing and finally pouring the bronze. Well, we now have two, both destined for the garden when it's ready. Here's the whimsical one....

Then onto Fullerton where Leslie, husband Steve and adorable 6 month old Corbin were setting up for the show. And I now own my first ceramic totem, but I know like Grant this is the beginning of a collection. Nothing if not impulsive, I came home and set it up in the living room, since it's final installation is not yet ready.

Isn't it great fun? Oh I'm such a happy girl. Our two day outing was magical and just what I needed. This morning was spent doing a deep clean of the house and now I can dive into B&B preparation feeling quite good.


kate mckinnon said...

I felt an unseemly well of envy at your relaxed schedule; I want a weekend like that too.

Excellent totem!

abeadlady said...

My purchases this week were not so exciting, but much needed. Glad to see you are not a slave to the beads. lol. The cat is gorgeous! Love the bronze and your new totem.

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly fun piece of garden art! I'm glad you had a nice respite.