Friday, April 23, 2010

My new Camera

Well the camera is a couple of months old, but we are still getting used to one another. I am working on some Craft Edu classes and decided to do some photographic step outs rather then illustration. I'm currently on the fence about which are the better teaching instrument. There are times illustration makes it clearer to see what is actually going on and there are times that the photo adds a lot of visual interest and conveys the step really well. I think I will end up going with a mixture of both.

At any rate, I'm pleased with some of the pictures I managed to take.....This lovely little right angle weave bezeled rivoli is called Vela (thank you Jean)

A lovely soft color combination, I think it must be a mood thing. Sometimes I like strong high contrast colors but at the moment this soft pallette suits me perfectly.

And that is some close up detail. It is much warmer and more personal then an illustration would be.

Craft Edu will be available soon. You can sign up to stay informed and I suggest you do, it's going to be awesome!


Mikki said...

I feel the same way about illustrations and photos. I think photos can help a lot in simply showing how to hold the work.
I'm excited about Craft Edu and being able to afford a class withh you.

Pepita said...

For patterns and small beads I prefer illustrations. Also because if you photograph with a macro lens there is only a small part of the object really in focus. If you zoom with a tele lens than you cannot really get that close to the object and you lose the depth perspective.

Unknown said...

those colors are beautiful, and I think "soft" is riding on the spring breeze- What a lovely project too- dainty, elegant, and regal all in one piece. Thanks for sharing them.

tnahowru said...

This will make a great kit!

Gretchen Grammer said...

I agree about using both illustrations and photos. Together they can make instructions much more clear. Love Vela, by the way!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Yes Tina, that is the plan. Craft Edu will have a place for participants to purchase kits of the projects being taught.