Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm trying to appreciate the nuances in my life.


nuance (plural nuances)

A minor distinction.
Subtlety or fine detail.
Understanding the basics is easy; appreciating the nuances takes years.

Those small subtle details that I've gone racing by and missed. I tend towards being hyper and I'm always in a rush to move one. I'm recognizing a need to slow down more and live in the present.

I'm settling into a long stretch of being at home and I am totally loving it. I'm sure when it's time to travel again I'll be longing for it, but right now I'm quite content and loving all the moments.

Yesterday I walked at the zoo

and then spent the day beading outside. I forget to do that and with the new awnings which can be rolled in and out as required the veranda is a beautiful comfortable place to bead.

I've just finished one set of directions and will move onto a couple of more today, appreciating the gentle breeze which moves around the graceful pepper tree branches while the birds chirp mightily.

Then I'll be gathering up ingredients for the best ever oatmeal cookies and making a batch with Mark for gifting to a friend. I'll post the recipe tomorrow, but be warned, they are called disappearing cookies for their tendency to disappear quickly. They're good!

Bead well and smell the flowers, or fondle the beads or sip fragrant tea or take a bubble bath, curl up with a book, take a walk, enjoy!

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