Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cassandra...the pendant

I've been taking some creative time, sitting in the beautiful weather out on the veranda and beading.  This is a component from a design session a couple of weeks ago where an earring morphed into a bracelet.  This started life as the third sample in a series of four.  After changing my mind and using sand opal crystals in the join instead of the light gold metallic on the medallion I decided I didn't want to continue, I wanted to begin again using the sand opal....but there was perfectly good beadwork not to be wasted, and so....a pendant!

 I was looking around for a prop since the top medallion has a hidden bail behind the pearl and goes goes a little wonky when the piece is laid flat.  My Voluspa candle did the job nicely, although it could be argued it is a bit busy, I like the way the colors, the feel of the piece and the images work together. The necklace was borrowed from another piece, which is a positive of working in the same palette for a stretch!  I'm still enamored of this color combination, could be I'll move on soon, but no telling, so far it is still speaking to me.

I really want to bead all day every day at the moment, but I must clear the decks in the studio which has gotten to be quite a mess during my illustration marathon of the last few weeks.  I find it hard to work in a mess so I've been taking my beads outside to work which is lovely, but it is time to restore order in the studio.  I'm always well rewarded by a sense of creative well being when I take the time to put things away and neaten up my spaces. Plus which the girls are coming to bead with me on Monday.  Inviting company is always a good way to hasten the cleaning process!


Kepi said...

I am loving the colors too, the necklace is beautiful. And your right there's nothing like inviting company over to get things organized.

Logarty said...

Marcia es very elegant¡¡
I just made one of your pieces and I love

Peziperli said...

It's a beautiful necklace! Great beadwork!

Tanya said...

That is gorgeous. I love those pearls. I'm also loving the color palette.

cw whitedogjewelry said...

I love it as a pendant, beautiful, as usual.