Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As I continue to design I always try to find better ways to finesse the details.  I have a new piece, reveal to be done soon, and I'm in the process of working out a clasp that integrates beautifully and is secure.

I'm loving the pearls and how they compliment the design...A teardrop Swarovski glass pearl in antique brass with a volcano loch rosen

and I've made it secure with a little lasso

But it's still a bit awkward.  I have another idea in my head and possibly some time today to explore it.

In the meantime I am responding to technical edits for Beads in Motion, reviewing all text and illustrations.  I might have been a little off my game as I am finding some crazy errors, six repeats instead of five, a peyote tube illustrated when the piece is actually done in right angle weave, that sort of thing.  All pretty easy fixes so far.

We're headed for the Pasadena show this weekend.  I've never been and besides beads they have some of my favorite wearable art designers, and by the weekend I suspect I will feel in need of a treat.

Oh and sometime this week I'll have news to share, reasonably exciting news, so stay tuned.


Francesca Watson said...

Wow - this is a genuinely beautiful clasp concept. I really love it! And the colors are pretty terrific, too!

Ababeads said...

Amazing clasp!!! I love it!