Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doing it justice

I'm torn because I want to sit down and tell you about all of the pieces I respond to in 500 Beaded Jewelry....and time is not on my side.  I've written the post in my head, but  it's not quite that easy of course.  I want to walk through it again slowly savoring the pieces, examining each one, what it is that draws me in and I want to tell you about it....and time is not on my side.  At the moment I can't do justice to that blog entry and I want to.

I'm working a lot of different things simultaneously it seems, beading beaded beads for a necklace challenge I joined, finishing up reviewing tech edits for Beads in Motion, thinking through designs for the Bead Within, working on the website for the project reveal of Beading by the Bay, ordering supplies for the Southern Bead Retreats Spirit Flight and illustrating my Master Class component selection.

It's all wonderful of course, it's the life I chose, and I did choose it, forgoing my corporate career, always working someone else's agenda for the security of a weekly paycheck.  I chose to work for myself, to get up in the morning, wander down the hall with coffee in hand and spend the day doing things that directly effect my well being.  It's a good way to live and I have no regrets.


flyingbeader said...

I too keep looking at the book getting more and more excited about beading with each view.

Nancy K. said...

It is a wonderful book, so many nice pieces. Needless to say, there is one of yours I really like! I also liked that there were pieces from all over, not just this country.