Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation continues

And so does the beading. Today I will finish up the second of my Spirit Flight pieces and continue onto finishing my Beaded by the Bay piece, but yesterday we had an outing...

We drove North to Mukilteo and took the car ferry across to Whidby island where we visited a few shops, had coffee at the Useless Bay Cafe, have to love that name, and then were treated to lunch at Beverly Gilbert's beachside home.

You may have noticed that Beverly is pretty good with a camera, so we headed off for an afternoon of viewing the island, camera in hand.

Unusual vegetation was everywhere on Whidby Island.

this plant in particular was fascinating. Beverly reports that in fall it is bright orange.

I loved the late afternoon sun on this planter and how the color stood out against the shiny backdrop.

Unlike yesterday, where the sun didn't show up until midday, it is already in full evidence today and I suspect that means a beautiful day is in store.

1 comment:

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

You captured the foaminess of the smoke bush!
Great having you!