Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tearfully Beautiful

Yes there was a point I cried over the sheer beauty of this installation. Every corner rounded more incredible artistic vision was displayed. The glass while incredible was really only a part of the story. The way each piece was displayed to advantageously be part of it's environment was a huge part of the experience.
I have over 60 glorious photos of our day at the Chihuly exhibit at the Seattle Center, which is on the grounds of the space needle.
The sky was the perfect blue, Seattle's weather has been good to us.

As we approached we saw this through the bent spokes of the fence.

this was part of a ceiling exhibition similar to the one at Bellagio in Las Vegas

A boat filled with globes on black glass that reflected the image

One of several hanging installations

An outdoor installation, one of several similar in size and structure, each a different color.

An entry table, beautifully lighted

The outdoor garden

Orbs perfectly positioned to reflect the space needle.

One of the many outdoor sculptures

it was a magical day, if you are able to go I think you will find it to be an exceptional experience.


Unknown said...

How beautiful! I know that when we go to the Corning Museum of Glass I am always amazed. This had to be so much more beautiful!

Patty said...

I saw that exhibit at the De Young museum in San Francisco, so I know how you must have felt. Incredible.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Oh, wow . . . I would love to see that! Incredible!

Ann said...

I loved when it was installed at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens with all the cactus as the counterpoint to the wonderful glass. It was inspiring!