Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photos of a beading trip through Japan

I had full in tensions of keeping you up to date while I was in Japan, and Google had other ideas……Deciding my iPad in Japan was a suspicious attempt to login to my google account I was locked out.  I could have course dealt with it…..however I didn't put the two together, as the error was 'your network is not ready to send'  Sigh….

The trip was lovely, landing on a Thursday evening at Narita airport, we were met my  Sonoko who guided us to our Yokohama hotel where we were thankful for beds after a long flight.

Friday morning we walked to the modern cruise terminal building where the Bead Art show was set up.

Kyoko who took my first class, Quattro Cupole, wore this impeccably beaded Leaf Slide necklace from Beads in Motion.  She also gave me a wonderful neck massage as the travel was catching up with me.

This was a BiBimBop at a Korean restaurant.

 In our last night in Nagoya Sonoko took us to a traditional sushi restaurant.  No need for plates here….fish and tamago were laid out on the counter.

Enjoying a glass of wine and salmon roe

Teaching was over and we took the fast train out to Fukiyama, near  Hiroshima for a visit to the Miyuki store, gallery and factory, followed by a stay at a traditional Japanese hotel. 

Kenji was the perfect host and factory tour guide!

 This ferry off our balcony took guests across to one of the islands you see here.  We however rested, beading with Sonoko and preparing for dinner.

After enjoying a Japanese bath (think small stone hot tub) with a beautiful view of our balcony, I changed into my Yukata in the room and prepared for our incredibly presented Japanese dinner.

 Here is just one of the many highlights from the Miyuki gallery.  Most of the work there was loomed and very impressive.

I have many more photos and will share with you over the next few days.  One of the highlights for me was the factory tour.  My background in Manufacturing systems had me tour many a factory over the years, but never one who made beads!  It was fascinating.


Rita said...

looks like you had a great time!

LoriF said...

Oh my, you should wear a Yukata all the time....looking wonderful! Thanks for the travelogue, I really enjoyed that and am looking forward to the factory tour to follow.