Thursday, February 27, 2014

A week to remember my blessings

Oddly after returning from my first DVD filming, I was feeling kind of blue and disconnected on Monday morning. The filming was great fun, and went well, so it wasn't related. I couldn't put my finger on anything wrong, but there it was, and then…..

I met my girlfriends for breakfast, our favorite Mission Cafe on University, and as we checked in with one another we laughed, told stories, empathized and excitedly planned our next ventures.  They tried to entice me into a quilt class but I had the good sense to say no….I never was precise enough for quilting.  They almost tempted me because Judi has such excellent fabrics, so if that is your thing, look into new quilt classes at the Grove .

I returned home with renewed energy, prepared the must do list and began knocking off tasks.

Tuesday found us face timing with the cute little Miss Malayna Pies who turned three that day!  She opened Calico Critters and her Princess necklace and we chatted.  How fortunate are we that we have the technology that allows that.  I remember thinking I don't want people to see me when I talk on the phone.  That was a long time ago.

Wednesday morning my Boston Bestie sent me a photo of her 12 week old long haired dachshund that melted my heart.  What a precious little cutie.

Susan and I did some last minute planning for Beading by the Bay which we look forward to with great enthusiasm, so many friends to see!

Then 6 lovely ladies showed up to spend a day of friendship and beading.  It was one of those easy days, everyone sharing, laughing and enjoying the connection that beads bring us.  Linda was working on a Sabine piece in preparation for being at Bead and Button.  Not quite as good as Sabine being in the room, but still nice to 'have her at the table' so to speak. As I mixed up a bead soup, we talked about how many of our colleagues would be horrified at the mix of beads on my bead board and we posted a picture.  Fun banter ensued and again I realized as I often do how amazing and interconnected this community is.

I ended the day with two chat windows, one a friend in Israel, who is co-crocheting the crocodile booties.  We compared notes, complete with photos…..aah technology again.

The second chat window was another friend from Marcia DeCoster presents.  One I am planning on meeting while he is in New York in the later summer.  I have a goal to meet in person everyone of the artists who participated in Marcia DeCoster presents and I am making good progress.  I think this year alone will bring an opportunity to meet Miriam, Helena, Isabella and Edgar and I couldn't be more excited.

So I woke this morning, thinking through the joys of the week and have banished the blues.  Today is hair day with daughter Casey.  It's rainy and grey which is a nice welcome change from sunshine, I know, those of you stuck in eternal winter long for our sunshine, but I love a nice rainy day or three, and we haven't had near enough this year.  I'm in such good overall shape on the to do list (unless I am in denial which is possible) that I will be able to enjoy some purely creative time in the studio these next couple of days before we pack it all up and leave for Northern California.

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Rita said...

It is always so much fun meeting people have so much in common. Just makes you feel warm inside!