Thursday, February 13, 2014

Layered necklaces

One of the bonuses of being in a color rut, or at least in finding some colors you love and using them a lot, is you end up with a lot of pieces that coordinate beautifully.

My recent forays have all been silvers with purples and fuchsias and a little pacific opal thrown in for good measure.  So when you have a lot of pieces that go together I think it's fun to wear them all at the same time.  I call it the layered look.

This particular grouping looks like I have a bunch of medals around my neck and I'm good with that.  We all deserve a medal at some time or another, these are mine!

I still have not grown bored of the cubic raw earring and now that I am doing in in 4mm pearls and crystals they are wonderfully chunky.  My only limitation is that my 4mm stash is not nearly as big as my 3mm stash, something I need to remedy I'm sure.   If you need a pair of these, there is a link on my sidebar to the free directions.

Looks like the new Swarovski elements Tangerine might be just the right color to add to my collection!

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Rita said...

You deserve to wear those medals, wear them proudly!