Wednesday, February 26, 2014

multi functional jewelry!

I love it when I can create a piece that can be changed up to create a different wearable piece.  Pacific Morning Glory is like that in that it is reversible.

This is a piece I started out a good many months back.  Initially I had done a double wide band for the necklace part but I found it heave and awkward, so I took it a apart.  I left the bottom edge thinking I would dangle something….and I hadn't finished the clasp because, well because I didn't.

Yesterday I decided it was time.  I found an already complete set of dangles from another abandoned project and the colors were right so I added it.  The necklace was long which I liked but I wanted the option to wear it short as well.

I made a slide for the two ends to pass through so they can be pulled through to make a short necklace or extended their full length for a long necklace.

I decided to terminate the ends with a pretty crystal drop and a bit of netting to extend over the top.  It's a happy piece, aqua on one side and purple on the other, and best of all it's finished!  and wearable!

What will I bead next….. that is the dilemma.  I'm not sure, I have ideas but not one that is raisins it's hand to be first…..perhaps I need so surround myself with some inspiration?


Sally Anderson said...

Love it!

The bad Liz said...

You will have loads of inspiration next week at BBTB when surrounded by all you friends.

michelle said...

Very beautiful!

Helen said...


Rita said...

It's so beautiful!!!!

Drei kleine Perlen said...

Very beautiful necklace, I like the color mix. It's good that you finished it finally.