Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bead soup!

I happen to love a good bead soup.  Back when freeform was more in vogue I delighted in putting together mixes to work from with lot's of textural variety and of course sparkle.

Oddly when I do freeform I don't really pick up 'freely' or randomly, but I still prefer to work from the soup.  I think mixing the beads helps the artistic process.

So I've turned over one of my talenti jars to bead soup of the month and I've been including a bag with each order I ship.  This is probably only useful to those who don't mind taking on a bit of freeform or who  just appreciate a nice little mix of beads.  I do worry about those who might twitch from having their beads mixed up, but to them, I will say gift it to a friend who might appreciate the mix.

On the right is the next mix I think I will work up….more pastel and springlike for those who are weary of winter!


Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

he he! I am one of those who can't work from soup, but I can sort beads quickly and happily, and I suspect that most of my orderly sisters are with me on that. So bring it on! We'll put it in neat little piles and thank you for it.

skittle's mom said...

That explains the the little bag of beads that came today with my order. I love the colour combination - blues with copper and gold. Thank you so much. Louise

Marcia DeCoster said...

Well hopefully Louise I remembered to put a little sticker on the bag that said thanks for your order….otherwise I guess I just confuse people.

Rita said...

Very nice of you to give out some beads. I almost threw away the jar on the right in the picture. Husband thought it should go in the trash, I thought, what a nice holder for something!

Luxorhouse said...

Love that bead soup on the right...so ready for spring, but first we have to endure what they are calling the worst storm of our season...8-12"!!! And we got 6" yesterday!!! Enough!!!