Monday, November 24, 2014

It's been a whirlwind!

First off a big thanks to Kathy who yesterday reminded me that she missed reading the blog.  It's always interesting when I travel to run into so many people who have enjoyed spending time here.  Thanks to all of you for spending a few moments with me.

I've been so many places this year I can hardly keep track and I've one more engagement in a couple of weeks, and then onto 'retirement' or sort of at least.

I realized after this year of travel that I don't bounce back as well as I used to and so serious cutting down on the schedule is in order.

As I've traveled, many  have asked me what retirement looks like and honestly I am not entirely sure.  One thing I do know, it is very unlikely that I will stop beading, I have way too many ideas and too many beads for that.

I will be releasing some previously unreleased kits on the website, but most likely in small lots. I'm going to have a look at a few of my past favorites and think about re-inventing them.

Did you have a favorite you'd like to see come back?  I'm considering the bangles, crystal medallion bracelet, and perhaps another new Romantica.  Coming soon will be a Touch of Whimsy and you can still buy the few remaining Deco Bracelets.  I also ordered some amethyst stones for that one so I can do a bronze amethyst version.

Currently I have all three of these and will add them to the website (ahem, Mark actually adds them to the website and he's now painting the bedroom!) But stay tuned, it won't be too long.

Sadly you can't actually purchase this kit but I wanted to show it to you.  It's a Harold Cooney bead from my collection.  It worked nicely with this design.   This one was a gift to a special friend.

The Deco bracelet is currently available….and hopefully there will be an amethyst/bronze version in the not too distant future.

 Here are two I am considering bringing back….we'll see!

I'd like to revisit the crystal medallion bracelet in true craw instead of just raw with joined edges.  Which will of course require some sample making.

I am very grateful for the many bead stores and bead groups and the many many students who have entrusted me with their time and enabled me to share my knowledge and love of beading.  I hope to continue on the path of sharing by creating videos, writing tutorials, making a few kits here and there and accepting the odd engagement.  This year I will be at Beading by the Bay, Bead and Button and in England.  The second half of the year will be devoted to grand babies, travels and some much needed R&R!


NEDbeads said...

I hoped retirement wouldn't lead to less beading, for sure!! I am hoping you will include Romantica as it is a real personal favorite and I still haven't yet had the resources to buy a kit. :) :) It's so good to hear from you on your blog again!!

Nancy J said...

My vote goes to Romantica. I hope to see you in class in the new year .

Unknown said...

I would love it if you did a kit of the disco squares. I tried to get the colors together but it was hard to find the right colors/finishes ordering on line. So, I ended up not ordering anything and it sits in my "to be beaded pile"

But most of all enjoy your time!

Terry from Alaska said...

Aelia and Aurelia in a necklace version. The bird ring and Victoria in the pastel colors was pleasant to look at too.

Terry from Alaska said...

Aelia and Aurelia in a necklace version. The bird ring and Victoria in the pastel colors was pleasant to look at too.

LoriF said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!! to the bangles, please! I always wanted them, and could never get there in time before they were gone.

kittythe1 said...

Super !!! Strongly kits on your website because I love them
I love bracelets

Rebecca said...

Does that mean that you will be teaching in the uk in 2015? I'd love to know where/when if so! Your bangles are some of my all-times favourites, and your layered medallion bracelet is one of he first pieces of yours - and of 'grown-up bead weaving!' - that I truly fell in love with. I would love to see you revisit them!