Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I want to bead!

Coffees on!  The day started early with shipping a few orders and tidying up the studio a bit.  

I would love nothing better then to be all day but that's not in the cards sadly.  Lot's to get done before my video shoot and Beading by the Bay.

However I did squeeze in one more earring with hopes of making a second today.  Turns out it's about and hour per earring, maybe a little more.  That's a reasonably large time investment for earrings, but I do love the architecture and sparkle factor in these and I just had to try them in silver since my go to wardrobe is black.  There is more going on here then meets the eye as you really need to understand craw inside and out to make appropriate thread paths for these.

I also have some ideas spinning around that came out of the prep work for the video.  Little bits and piece will do that, spark an idea and it sparked several.

I also want to revisit some older designs, so many that I'd love to bring fresh colors and ideas to.  This one for sure!  I desperately want to bring this back in dark silvers.   Victoria is a very early design but a classic and I think it would be stunning in dark silvers with indigo accents.

And I thought retirement was going to be easy!


Rita said...

I love your coffee cup and saucer, so neat looking. Now that you have more time, your mind is not concentrating on what has to be done. Let the fun begin with all your new ideas. Those earrings are so cool.

Terry from Alaska said...

I would continue with the cyclamen opal and silver and a touch of green on the Victoria-myself or something similar to what is pictured - however I see why the silver and blue is to your liking.

RavenBraid said...

I always agree with Terry :) I'm so glad you're thinking of revisiting Victoria! The purple green was a kit I always meant to buy but I didn't have the expendable income back then that I do these days. ;-) Silver and blue sounds pretty too!

I love your blog and creativity, so jealous of your retirement but it *IS* inspiring! It's making me think more about mine