Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm having a bit of an earring obsession

Used to be I never made earrings and now I can't stop!  They are reasonably quick, depending of course on the intricacy.  I have pairs I can make in 15 minutes, pairs that take 45 minutes and then, well some take longer then that.

But in the end being able to wear your own earrings, especially ones that are neutral enough to compliment  your other beadwork, it's a good thing.  I have short hair and I'm not dressed until I have my earrings on.

There is the danger of second earring syndrome, similar to second sock syndrome.  I know this because I have had one of a pair done for two weeks and haven't brought myself to make it's mate.

Instead I moved onto these.

An inspiration from my David Chatt class, perhaps you will see the influence here.  A small snippet of David 's sketchpad which I couldn't wait to try out.  Of course I had to embellish, and although it's a bit tough to make out there are 2mm gold aurum crystals across the face of each cube in my diagonal diamonds.  They have a very high sparkle factor.

Yesterday I completed all the prep for my craw video which I will film in two weeks.  Here are just a few of the samples, these ones showing different patterning options.  There will be four hours of CRAW content so I have explored a lot of different uses and variations for working with this versatile stitch.

I look forward to the actual filming, last time I had a blast.  The team at Interweave is excellent and made me feel immediately at ease.  They also work hard at making a quality video with excellent close ups so that you can truly see and learn.  

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Rita said...

Looks like you learned a lot from Mr. Chat!