Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We decided 'on our way' to Nortern California to stop in Tucson (which is of course not on the way at all).   It was however fun!  We parked in Kate McKinnons driveway and joined the party.  Her backyard is a spectacular fantasy of outdoor rooms, including a bed under the stars and a vintage travel trailer nicknamed the Barbie Coach.

I of course did a wee bit of shopping, but only a wee bit.  I have a few new beads to play with, and some pretty ribbon and some great Lillypilly buttons, a couple of new EZEL clasps and cute little squares from Hynek, designed by Patty McCourt.

I also have some MakuStudio earrings and matching ring with Paradise Shine chatons.  Excellent!  AND a leaf pendant made by Kinga Nichols, just how lucky can a girl get?

We left Tucson early Saturday morning and drove to Tehachapi where we spent the night in a beautiful spot in the foothills.  Sunday's trip through dense fog and then torrential rain were not airstream firsts for us, and we survived.  we also survived very heavy winds newr Oalm Sprongs so we are getting to be seasoned airstream travelers.

Today I bead, all day, nestled in the redwoods in our cute little trailer!

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Rita said...

Sounds like lots of fun. How can anyone do a wee bit of shopping? lol