Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Drawing CRAW is not so easy and when it needs to bend or curve then it's even harder….and if if you have even more sides then four, it's even harder then that.    In real life the beads gently curve to fill in the spaces, in 2 d drawing, they do not.

It almost makes one want to stop designing with CRAW, just kidding, I don't see that happening, it is just too versatile a stitch and begs me to design with it at almost every opportunity.

I've been busy with both travel and the business of the business and I am itching to sit down and be in design mode.  I did make a pretty fun bauble for the Toho  challenge which needs only a few more beads to be complete,  but it's under wraps for now.

And I am trying agains all odds really to finish a Bead Dreams submission, we shall see, I have the desire and I'm trying to maintain focus in the odd moments I'm not working on the myriad of things that need doing.

I have a stretch of time in front of me that will require a fair amount of work and then I go play.  First at Beading by the Bay, which while work to prepare, is after that a big ball of fun as I see so many wonderful beaders that I call friends.  Many have been with us everyone of the six years we've done this retreat.

Then I am attending a knitting retreat with my dear East Coast friend.  We parted in our twenties when I moved to the West Coast, but we now make a point to get together and do something creative at least once a year.  We'll spend a day in Asheville and then off to the Blue Ridge Mountains where we'll be fed and take classes and visit.  

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