Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An early morning bird walk

Directly behind Margaret's home is a lovely walking path full of nature. This is when I wish I had brought the big camera, but unfortunately with as heavy as I was already traveling I brought the little Canon point and shoot instead.

Here are a group of very happy Lorakeets, which apparently have a good source of food on this balcony.

And further on a wood duck in a Eucalyptus tree.

The air is fresh and clear and the weather report predicts a high of 82 degrees. We're off for a visit to Mel'bin.

I slept soundly, a full nights sleep (I was spared the dreaded wide awake at midnight which often accompanies significant time changes, perhaps the no jet lag homeopathic remedy worked, or perhaps it was exhaustion) had a handmade blend of muesli for breakfast with Greek yogurt and French Press coffee. I'm looking forward to this day of new sites and exploring shops.

1 comment:

Arlenesfelt said...

Good work, you aced the jet lag!
Can't wait to hear all about Mel'bin!!