Sunday, October 31, 2010

Workshop in Tasmania

The weekends design workshop on diamond and ellipses was held at the Moonah art center. This mosaic was commission in the 1990's for the re-opening of the center. They invited Little Hoot along for a ride.

Here is Andrea shopping for fire polish, when I interrupted for a photo op. You can see Helen on the left and Allysa looking on waiting for their turn in the bin.

Here is a better shot of Alyssa with a beautiful rendition of a Laura McCabe design around her neck and Maureen in the background who was busy concentrating on her beading.

Andrea was doing a pendant for her Mom, who loves bright colors. She was experimenting with some right angle weave chain for a necklace, and we decided that the bronze base added a lot of depth and made the chain come alive.

Maureen has been beading for around a year, but the mathematician in her must really help because she was a really quick study. She brought in this opalescent stone to set as her center. She was approaching complete as we finished up the day on Sunday.

I'll see if I can get a picture of Jane's piece before I fly off for Melbourne's quite lovely, all purple and blue zircon ab2x, and we know how I feel about ab2x!

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