Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm beading of course and getting ready for Australia, but knitting is my other pastime. I've knit since I was ten when a neighbor taught me to cast on, and patiently helped me to pick up dropped stitches.

That first project was done with green and white acrylic yarn. It was stockinette so the edges rolled, but I was so proud of that scarf. It is my first memory of creating something where nothing existed. I'm sure there were play doh sculptures prior to that first scarf, but that was the beginning of a life long love of knitting.

There is a baby in the future, my second grandchild and so the knitting has begun! I'm knitting in cashmere....impractical? Perhaps, but oh so beautiful.

The sweater is accompanied by leggings, and then there will be booties...It's good knitting, filled with love.

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kate mckinnon said...

so sweet. and if anyone deserves to be cuddled in soft cashmere, it is surely a newborn baby.

Lisa said...

Babies and cashmere. What could be bad?