Sunday, March 20, 2011


It appears that my body is giving me a message that I can no longer jet around the world with no rest time in between, and so I've had a really mellow week of sipping tea, knitting baby things and generally doing some serious resting before my next trip coming up.

I am so looking forward to meeting back up with so many past cruisers, along with Tracy Stanley, Dallas Lovett, Jean Campbell, Heather Powers, Beverly Herman, and the Bad Liz! Sounds like my kind of fun.

My previous experience with this cruise means, although I teach 2 1/2 days I also have 4 1/2 days of some serious downtime. Mark will be with me and I look forward to nights being gently rocked to sleep by the woosh of the ocean surrounding us. I guess that gives away my state of mind a bit. I've never really been a nightlife party girl, more of a morning welcome the day ahead girl. I look forward to walking the promenade deck with friend Liz, playing with beads, catching up with friends, and quiet evenings with my honey.

The timing is good, on Friday we celebrate the 28th anniversary of our first date, and on Saturday we leave for some excellent travel.

In the next couple of days I want to bring you a montage of all the smiling faces I captured at Beading by the Bay. I really got some excellent portraits of happy people.

And I have a pretty new colorway of the Birds of Paradise to share. That will be my fullest class on the cruise and I'm always interested to see what the favorite colorway is. Carousel, my Beading by the Bay piece, was almost evenly split, with no clear winner, guess that means they were all good.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures, could even be a baby sweater in the mix....and I'll update all week since next week you'll be on your own, no phone, no internet, yikes.

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