Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ceramic Totem

I have a love affair with the whimsical work of Leslie Codina. I first saw her work when visiting Liz Smith, as husband Grant an avid gardener has a significant collection of her work. You can read the story of my first piece here.

Last spring I bought my first colorful totem and since the garden was not yet ready I assembled it inside. Apparently husband Steve warns against this strategy, although I don't remember hearing it. But sure enough, I have become very attached to the totem in the living room and would miss the spot of color and eclectic decor it offers, so....

Now the garden is ready I had to buy my second totem. Leslie is so gracious, amid her busy schedule she allowed us to come to her studio and choose our next totem as we made the drive from San Francisco back to San Diego this week.