Monday, March 7, 2011

Cruising to Alaska

Wanna Come?

Time, it's a bit of a funny commodity in this business. On the one hand I plan a year to a year and half out (actually I have one commitment in 2014 already)I prepare a project, write a supply list, take photos and then.....I turn around and focus on what is right in front of me.

This week that would be Beading by the Bay, next week it will be my talk at the Northern California Bead Society and then the Bead Cruise.

But, I mustn't forget to share with you one of those plans I made way back when. I'm going to Alaska! And you can come, we're cruising.

I had never traveled to Alaska prior to 2009 when I was invited by the Alaska Bead Company to come teach. It was beyond gorgeous, a natural beauty that had never been in my experience before. Snow capped mountains, crystal clear waters, blue blue skies, and crisp air. I spent a week, but one of my magical days was a trip to Seward which I describe here.

So when Carole of Creative Castle asked me if I would like to cruise there, I didn't hesitate for a minute. Now I love a nice tropical destination as well, but I think there will be something wonderful about cruising in the cool, pure air of Alaska, surrounded by all that amazing scenery. I like the idea of trading in a bathing suit for a fleece vest and drinking tea while my cheeks get properly pinked.

I tell you all this now because although we set sail in September, there is a bit of a price incentive to sign up by May 1st.

Did I mention that I love the project I designed exclusively for this cruise. It's called 'Dancing Light' and it's quite glittery and very elegant. Like many of my projects it is component based, so it can be changed up and as always I'll share options. September is the perfect month to be creating a show stopping piece with the wintry holidays providing lot's of occasions to enjoy such a stunning necklace.

For details click here, I'd love for you to join in the fun!


kate mckinnon said...


I can die, now that I have seen it!
And your photo of the neckpiece, oh!

(kisses tips of fingers)

Honey from the Bee said...

Wow - gorgeous piece you've designed for the cruise. Rather perfect actually... Since I can't go (show the Saturday at the end) and it would be difficult to justify since I live close by... I'll just drool and know everyone is having a fabulous time.

Rosanne said...

Marcia, you are amazing! I wish I was going with you. I spent a week in Alaska and it has always stuck in my mind. It was over 25 years ago. It's on my list of things to do. A beautiful necklace design too. Happy sailing...see you soon..

Pretty Things said...

I'm not a cruise person at all (I'm too jumpy!), but the ONE cruise I'd die to take is Alaska. Must. Go. Loved your post!

Ray Hemachandra said...

Loree and I did an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise for our honeymoon. I imagine she would have preferred beading with you, Marcia, to shuffleboarding with me! But it was an amazingly beautiful time.

Hélène said...

I love your Dancing Light! Please, let us know when the kits will be available: I absolutely want mine ;-)