Sunday, March 20, 2011

Northern California Bead Society

You may remember that I was asked to speak at the Northern California Bead Society last Tuesday. Mark and I decided based on the weather (heavy rain) that we best head over to Emeryville very early to avoid any traffic disasters. I don't do well with the anxiety of thinking I could be late.

We had a nice dinner at California Pizza kitchen and then wandered over to the Marriott for the meeting. Given the weather I was not expecting many folks to attend, but I was pleasantly surprised by a good number of members who braved the nasty weather.

In general I don't mind public speaking. I had a two year stint as the President of the San Diego Bead Society and I'm often in front of a classroom, so I'm comfortable, but I had never given this talk before. Thankfully as soon as I started, the love of beads and desire to share whatever knowledge I could helped to calm any nerves.

I had friends in the audience, with Rachel Nelson Smith and Patty Lakinsmith traveling all way from Santa Cruz. I also met two facebook friends Terri Dannenberg and Cynthia Holsclaw (Bead Origami).

I had a really nice evening and I am thankful to Patty who captured the essence of the talk 'The Road to Opulence' and took some great photos on her blog. Patty is a hugely talented lampwork artist who has an interest in dabbling in the seed beads. I totally support that, I love people who can embrace multiple mediums, although I will leave the glass to Patty.


Kolby said...

Marcia: I so loved your talk at the Bead Society meeting last week! I had brought along a number of my beading students. It was interesting that you said a number of things that evening that I have been saying in class. The one I liked the best was that you "don't have little piles of different colored beads but rather a pile when you free form bead". I do that as well and in my last class I had challenged my "pile" beaders to mix it up. Some were able to and some when they went home started their piece over and sorted all their beads back into piles! It was so nice to see your pieces in person. Thanks for a great talk. Kolby

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hi Kolby. Thanks for coming and bringing along students! It was such a miserable night that I was truly grateful that I wasn't speaking to an empty room, though I wold have understood. So true, there are beaders who twitch at the thought of mixed up beads, me I find it freeing. Sounds like it's that way for you too.