Friday, March 4, 2011


I love that I live in every room in this house including the outdoor room we are creating. We eat in the intimate dining room many evenings, but occasionally we choose the kitchen as we did tonight.

We collaborated on an ahi tuna nicoise, with Mark prepping the potatoes, green beans, and hardboiled eggs. I arranged the above with the Kalmata olives and olive oil while he grilled the tuna.

The meal was lovely. After days of kitting and writing instructions, it was nice to relax into the evening.

I have such a sense of well being and peace these days. A new grandbaby, a man I'm in love with, a home I am at home in, travel, weather, new books on the horizon, it's all really wonderful.

I have a few days of work to get ready for Beading by the Bay. Mark and I created new postcards announcing next years teachers, stay posted.....We'll visit with our children and new grandbaby and we'll visit San Francisco, one of my all time favorite cities.

It's going to be a grand week!


Sharon Wagner said...

Marcia you are living the dream! It is wonderful, enjoy yourself.
Hugs, have a glorious week!

Bizzy B said...

New book on the horizon?? Life is grand, especially with a new grandbaby. I'm happy for you.

just me said...

the perfectly hard boiled eggs are noted!

a2susan said...

Life is good, savor it all!