Monday, February 27, 2012

Beads and Yarn

Really those are my two main mediums. Someday I might like to explore more nuno felting, perhaps some bronze clay, maybe enamel, but at the moment it's all beads and yarn.

I spent yesterday morning starting this, next up in the list of baby knits.

Only mine is in hot pink blue sky silk alpaca. A dream to work with. And aran style knitting may be my most favorite. There is a 16 pattern repeat on this, so every row for 16 rows is different. Just enough to keep it interesting.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of dinner out with Soly, the best growing up friend of daughter Casey. It is really nice seeing the teenage friends become responsible young adults. Casey and Soly spent the day wandering some of San Diego's boutiques and gifted me with this whimsical, feathery ring.



Therese's Treasures said...

Knitting is something I never learned to do, so I applaud those that can. That little sweater is going to be so cute in hot pink. Cool feather ring!

Ingrid said...

Can't wait to see Malayna wear this cute sweater !

Tia Dalma said...

I asked for and received knitting needles and yarn (admittedly not the greatest quality) this past Christmas...I even got a nice book to help me learn.

But I still have not taken the time to sit down and actually learn anything yet...but one of these days I am going to try!

But I completely adore all the little things you make for your granddaughter...she is adorable and so are all her little knitted outfits!

Helen said...

That's a great little sweater pattern...Malayna will look adorable in it.
Like you Marcia, its beads and yarn for me too. I even added a few beads to a pair of socks I just finished. Geez....I think I'm carrying the beading thing a little too far!

Kepi said...

That is a really cute pattern, I love aran knitting and this will look super nice in hot pink. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Happy knitting

Sally Anderson said...

I am contemplating a baby blanket out of Blue Moon sock yarn. Fortunately the baby (our 3rd grandchild) isn't due until October -- it will probably take that long to make! But I love Blue Moon yarn!