Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pod Cast

In the only seed bead related podcasts Mandi Ainsworth of Bead Circle brings you a series of interviews with Bead Designers.

Mandi and I had a bead and design related chat back in September and she's posted it here.

We talk among other things about finding design inspiration, playing with your beadwork and building fundamental skills.

Along with a number of other podcasts here.

I first met Mandi two years ago in a weekend of Dallas Bead Society classes. She is making it her mission to share the love of beads and her Bead Circle network is a great resource for beaders.

Thanks Mandi!


Sarah said...

I really enjoyed the podcast, it is always wonderful to hear the voice of someone whose blog I read, makes it easier to connect to the words on the screen somehow.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Sarah, it was nice to do a different kind of interview and I think Mandi did an excellent job of guiding the subjects.