Monday, February 20, 2012

Vertical Netting

I've seen work done with this stitch but in my nineteen years of beading I have never done a netted necklace. Odd how I could have completely ignored such a wonderful, versatile, fluid stitch. I have a gorgeous, spinny, focal center that will be stitched to the middle of's for the book, so you won't see it now, but the rest of the necklace I am in love with.

For some odd reason I decided to use a chevron chain start and I think it makes an excellent beginning, setting off the edge of the netting beautifully and giving it some body and substance from which to drape. And I of course added some crystal to the center end points.

Wanting more substance and texture I played with adding some soft matte green peanuts to the bottom of the chevron chain. When used as embellishment, they tend to tip and show up looking like just another size 8 in the space, but here where they are supported on both sides, their distinctive shape shows more.

I haven't woven off the threads yet, and I may take the peanuts out and place a small 3 cut 15 on either side of them. It doesn't look thready to the naked eye when being worn, but it's close up here shows more thread then I would like.

It was a marathon day of beading yesterday and I am well into the second eight projects for the book, plus which I finished the second Lilliana sample for Bead and Button. Today I need to put text to illustration, and illustrate the next two color ways for
Aelia. More on that later, I'm interested on everyone's thoughts in color specific directions.


Sarah said...

Vertical netting is one of the 1st stitches I ever learnt, great fun! I love the chevron start, to this necklace and the subtle colourway is just beautiful.

NEDbeads said...

What a wonderful soft and feminine color way, Marcia! Did you have a specific inspiration for these together, or did the beads just put themselves together on your mat for you? (Love when the latter happens!!)

Marcia DeCoster said...

The center focal really suggested the colors and it looks beautiful with this as a backdrop.

Nieves said...


Unknown said...

I love how muted this colorway is. I think it would be really cool in an aqua/silver.

Francesca Watson said...

I just did my very first netted collar in the last month and really enjoyed it. It works up fast (relatively speaking) and the result is unusual and eye-catching.

I love the colors you've chosen, and those green peanuts are an unusual and interesting touch.