Friday, May 31, 2013

Bead and Button time!

Well not quite, but I am in Milwaukee. A long time student and friend extended a lovely invitation to come stay with her a couple of days before Bead and Button. The perfect thing is that it forced me to be ready earlier then I might have been so a couple of days of relaxation have been built into the schedule. Which is why I can sit and bead

While looking out the window at the beautiful greenery of the midwest

I had a somewhat long travel day as I arrived at the airport at 6:15 expecting to get on my 7:30 flight to find that it had been cancelled. I was fortunately re-booked through Chicago on a plane that left at 9:15 but had a 3 hour layover in Chicago, making my previous in time for dinner flight, three hours past dinnertime. I was treated to amazing, dramatic clouds and a bumpy ride on our short flight from Chicago to Milwaukee and those clouds opened up into an impressive storm on our drive home.

I'm relaxing with beads right now and will shortly be treated to a yarn outing starting at my favorite River Boutique! Tonight we'll manage dinner together and then a little more yarn outing tomorrow before I arrive at the Milwaukee Area Technical College to set up for the Master Class. I'm very happy to be at the beginning of the end of this journey and to see how it all plays out and what glorious things will be created.

As of now, teaching is Sunday through Friday and every night and lunch and a couple of breakfasts are spoken for. However I will take photos and share with you along the way. So many friends to catch up with, beads to admire, so much shopping to be done, it's going to be a very good week and it is starting off wonderfully.


Jamie Lubin said...

So glad you are having some fun before bead and button. I hope you have a wonderful week and your class goes well. Looking forward to your posts!

Beverly Herman said...

I am hoping for the best time ever for you. I can't wait to see the pictures of all the fun!