Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time away from the beads

We took a few days out to visit Santa Cruz, our home of 25 years.  We visited with friends and family, surprising Granddaughter Sam on her 17th birthday and spending time with Malayana who at two changes so much every month we want to keep up!

Grandpa and Malayna sharing a few moments at the park.  Doesn't he look happy?  And of course Sam at 17 who is such a young lady.  First cousins, Sam and Malayna share the DeCoster red hair.  When Mark was young he had red hair and a red beard!

Also on the visit list were Rachel, Colin and baby Maryam.  It was wonderful to share in their happiness.  Baby Maryam is an exact replica of  Rachel, no mistaking who that baby belongs to!

We took a ride up the coast on route one as far as half moon bay.  The day was perfection with gentle ocean breezes and sunshine as we passed the beautiful beaches along the way.  We stopped at an RV and campground right on the California coast a few miles north of Davenport.  It looks like a beautiful spot for an airstream outing where family can join us in their  own cabins.  

It was rejuvenating and time well spent and now, back to the beads with one week until Bead and Button and my first Master Class 'Playing with Possibilities'.  

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The bad Liz said...

Mark looks wonderful with the little one! sounds like a nice relaxing few days prior to the B&B madness. having the family join you on camping cabins while you have your palace will be wonderful for you and Mark. Look forward to hearing those stories.