Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lots of gold

I didn't want to go unadorned to bead and button of course and friend Susan who has made multiple Serena's agreed with me. so she made me a double wide Serena in gold aurum!

Isn't it spectacular?

Serena is a project in Beaded Opulence, one of my favorites! I have a double wide black one as well.

And speaking of books, the publisher usually gets a preview copy of a new book. Beads in Motion came last week. It appears it turned out excellent....Lot's of fun pieces to bead, some whimsical, some elegant,all wearable.

It will release in early August and I look forward to seeing which pieces you fall in love with.


Rita said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful friend!

gah-broon said...

Stunning bracelet! How lovely Susan made this for you.