Friday, May 10, 2013

Sometimes I knit

Recently I finished this mohair scarf in a hot pink which feels heavenly wrapped around my neck.  If there is a chill in the air I can warm up by having something at my neck.  I always travel with some form of neck warmer when I'm flying since temperature regulation can be iffy.  This will fit the bill nicely.

While digging in the yarn room for my next project I came across this felted purse which I am going to put back into circulation.  I love the colors and the fanciful bit of beadwork at the sides.  Since my bead teaching uniforms are mostly black a bright spot of color is always suitable.  A pair of earrings to match would be excellent but I'm not sure the time budget will allow for that.  

Today I am resting up after catching a bit of a cold.  I hope to nip it in the bud with a day of knitting (a cabled slouch hat) relaxing in the hot tub and drinking tea.

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