Sunday, February 16, 2014

Making your Mark

The Dot.  This book was gifted to me by a dear friend.

It is the last slide of a presentation I've done at bead societies on design principles and tools.  The message of the Dot is for me, two fold.

It's the story of a young artist who thought she had no skills.  She was encouraged to put a dot on a piece of paper and then asked to sign it.  She went on to draw many dots, large, small, colored and eventually had an exhibition of her dot paintings.

A young boy approached her insisting he couldn't draw at all.  She said, just draw a line, now sign it.

For all of those who struggle with the value of our art, and I think we all do at some point, this simple story is about just making your mark, but then and almost more importantly, pay it forward by encouraging someone else to make their mark.

Thank you Lynne you always believed in my mark even when I didn't.


Karen Firnberg said...

Excellent post. Love those salt and pepper shakers! I think it was NanC Meinhardt who introduced me to this book. It made me cry when she read it to us. Happy tears.

NEDbeads said...

I think I must get a copy. This is so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing the gift from your friend, and for making many dots yourself!! xxxx

Rita said...

hopefully someday I will make many dots and lines like you!

Here Bead Dragons said...

I was one who thought I had no artistic talent. My good friend showed me that I could paint ceramics quite well. A co-worker loaned me her 35mm camera for a weekend and told me just to 'go shoot pics' and I enjoy doing that. I'd done some beading in the '70s and knew I could learn the new techniques and I love them. I love your post.

Cindy said...

A wonderful end to a wonderful talk! Thanks so much for speaking for us this weekend :)

Becky Pancake said...

Thank you for this great post.