Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beaded Bliss

And it's just that! Julie who owned the Place to Bead for many years, has opened a beautiful new store called Beaded Bliss in Danville. The decor is stellar and sets off the inventory so nicely. It is calm and serene and inviting and intriquing and it sparkles! You'll definitely want to go check it out. And the same really nice people are there to help you.

Yesterday was the classrooms inaugral day and it worked. Being in the middle of Danville there were lots of lunching options including Lunardi's a gourmet grocery with lots of great lunch options.

After I remembered to change my settings on my camera so as not to overexpose everyone, I was able to get pictures of Julie

who goes way back with me and Irene

who has never been in my class but was a treat. She had just been to a Henna party and her hands were impressively henna'd, too bad I didn't get a shot.

Laura another regular was there and Grace and Elonda and Joy and Karen. And we had a baby to pass around, always a good thing in my book. Darling little 2 week old Jason, Julie's baby came to work with Momma and we got a snuggle.

I get to have Joy and Elonda again today for Romantica and Pam who also goes waaay back with me and I don't know who else, but I know it will be fun.

Great job Julie, I love the new space!

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Sounds like a wonderful place! Would've loved to see her henna designs.