Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pharaoh's Daughter

This Beadwork cover piece is a favorite of mine. I love the texture created by the change in bead sizes. If you're new to right angle weave this necklace will reinforce all your skills.

Knowing there are folks in the country that don't have access to a fabulous bead store, I put together a kit with all the parts you need. It was going to go on the website but they kept getting sold....I have 3 left, hardly enough for the website, but if you're interested, send me a message and I can set one aside for you. This is beads only, directions are in the Beadwork magazine, June July issue, 2009.

If you're interested in purchasing the beads, , both have the color numbers as well as Susan at

And if you make it in a different pallette, I'd love to see the results!


Rosanne said...

That is such a beautiful necklace.
I figured out that I was gonna make Beverly sit down with me and get me going on RAW...(she doesn't know it yet)but I'm sure she would.
I think I'm missing a great technique....

Sarah said...

I love this necklace, it's definately on my to do list even though I can be raw challenged when working with seeds. For some reason I can work the stitch fine with bigger beads though. I think it would make a great necklace for the party season so I've got 6 months to perfect the skills.

Katie said...

You should definitely try it! I love doing the RAW stitch in a project like this - the different size beads give it such neat contours...I haven't tried this one yet, but looking at it makes me think of the urchins :o)