Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I could be out of practice

It's been awhile since a part of the studio was pressed into action as the shipping department. Now that kits on-line are back, I am boxing up, labeling and shipping product.

A trip to the post office is next.

If you ordered, it's on it's way!

This weeks flowers, arent' they lovely?

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Santa Cruz for a visit with Mom, dinner with family and then a trip to Beaded Bliss in Danville where I will be teaching.

Mark will be travelling with me which makes the dreaded trek through LA a bit more manageable. Not that he is coming just to make the car pool lane available, but it does help a lot. And fortunately for me, little Miss Maya will happily travel to Jeannette's where she'll be pampered, most likely take a trip to dog beach and play with friend Jasmine. She won't miss her parents for a minute!


Try-to-be-better said...

ahem.... where you are just into the delivery-thing.... maybe you could now send me your book? ;-)

Katie said...

I'm happy - I know that one of the boxes of goodies is for me :o) I like when I get good mail...Beats bills and junk mail any day!

And the flowers are lovely!

Lisa said...

Just checked out the new website -- kudos to you and Mark! Its beautifully designed, photos are great, and showcases your work beautifully. Well worth the wait! XXOO

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Enjoy time with your mom.

Your peony is lovely!