Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Business is Good

Thanks everyone for shopping, business is good. I spent yesterday in the shipping department

(well with a break for my favorite yarn store) and will spend today in the manufacturing department

and then more time in the shipping department.

I also need some time in the development department

and then the graphic art department.

The web development team needs my assistance and the purchasing department has some orders to place.

The marketing team ought to let the mailing list know there's a new website, but first must ramp up the inventory. And the team for book promotion has a few things on the to do list.

I jest, but there are so many facets to keeping a bead business going. And for the most part I am the team. Although I have website help from dear husband and manufacturing help from many friends.

I'm glad my background in Manufacturing systems helped prepare me with many of the required skills. Now I best get to work, there's beading to be done, and kitting and invoicing and shipping....


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

My team salutes your hard-working, successful team! :D

VanBeads said...

As soon as my business picks up a little for the summer, I am going to add to your business... I have my eye on two of those kits!

Rosanne said...

Its good to hear that your business thrives. Especially in this suffering economy. May it keep you busy for a long time.

Bead-Mused said...

My team sends kudos and moral support to your team!

Katie said...

I agree with Rosanne - it's good to see that your business is staying busy, even with a funky economy...I try to do my part where I can :o) (what better excuse for a little shopping???)

So, with all of the different hats you get to wear, do you ever feel like there are multiple Marcias living inside your head?

Mari said...

Usted se merece dicha buenaventura!!!

Becca said...

Just tell me what you need me to do to help and I'm there for you!!! I would love to be on your beading team!!

Valerie said...

You are an amazing one woman team! It's mind boggling to juggle all those balls and keep them up in the air. Well, you do it well, girl!