Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New venture.....

I mentioned before a bit about having a small bead presence at the Grove. I'm sharing space with JudiPatuti who does the fabrics. The girl is a powerhouse and oh so talented! Her and Susan who has the yarn store, have collaborated bringing together some fabulous yarn and fabric projects. Judy's half of our shop opened last weekend and if you live near San Diego definitely check it out (and if you don't, plan a trip, it's a nice city). Judy is carrying some really cute fabrics, including one I've been lusting after for half a year now.

Have you been noticing the popularity of Aprons lately? Here is a cute one that Judy put together.

And here is the collaboration of yarn and fabric with Mommy and Me dresses perfect for summer

And look at all the luscious colors of coordinated fabric and yarn

Tina Givens who is an amazing fabric designer came into my classroom at Ornamentea in Raleigh last year carrying a bag made out of this fabulous fabric which at the time was not available. A few hours into the class I discovered she was the designer. She's amazingly talented and a delight. I had much fun perusing her whimsical fabrics. I love whimsy. I think it will make great placemats. JudiPatuti carries Tina Givens! Lucky me, and you, go have a look....

But back to the beads, I continue to get ready and the current target for there to be beads at the Grove is towards the end of July. Stay tuned, we'll be making up some great samples of yarns, fabrics and beads all coming together!

Since I'm home for an entire week I decided two boquets of flowers would keep me cheerful in this June Gloom. Truth be told I like a gloomy day when my house seems all cozy and comfortable.
I love sunflowers in the dining room up against my brown wall and I love this vase, I kind of have a thing for vases.....and salt shakers, and pretty dishes and.....I just like pretty things.

My friend Val gave the heads up over on her blog that it was Peonies season and Trader Joes has them in stock, I absolutely love these flowers.

Keep safe, love the beads, cherish your loved ones and I'll see you all tomorrow!

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