Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall

When we moved here 3 years ago our realtor gave us a gift certificate to a favorite store and we bought this mirror and hung it over the fireplace. It was never quite right, but you know how you get used to things after awhile.....and so we lived with it and then! I found the perfect mirror.

Having removed the bathroom medicine cabinet about a year and half ago, and covering the unsightly hole with, I kid you not, silver poster board with a mirror drawn on it, it was time for a change. I justified the new mirror by swearing we could use the old one in the bathroom. A 1940's pink and green bath with a now modern twist!

One might think I'd learn when shown the day's efforts not to say, 'you know I'd really like to paint this bathroom white, take the cabinet doors off, install glass shelves and trim with molding.' You'd think....but I can't help vocalizing all my design ideas. So far the man still loves me.

Here's Mark making room for the new one(I didn't marry an engineer for nothing). It's fabulous I can't wait.

The new mirror is too heavy for me to help lift, so we're waiting on a visit from daughter Casey and boyfriend tomorrow. We need muscle power. Monday should bring a picture of the new mirror in place. It is going to be a big dramatic impact.

Jeannette's bringing lamb chops over for dinner and we're going to Verandize. It's a verb she coined for socializing on the Veranda. One of my favorite things about Southern California (as opposed to Northern California) is the ability to enjoy a warm summer evening out of doors.

I bought yellow tulips for the occasion.

And now I best get back to beading my last 'designer of the year' Beadwork project. I'm late, not something I'm accustomed to. They're being patient, but it really is time to get it done and write the directions.


Dagmar Fleuren said...

I hope your new mirrow looks great. Be carefull though to put it up. And i'm looking forward to see it some day soon.

Mariposa said...

"So far the man still loves me..."
Sounds familiar! :-))

Unknown said...

Ah... to "verandize"...I love it! In my neck of the woods, we "Porchit"
as in "I am in the mood for a glass of wine...since the night is so pretty why don't we porchit?"

Unknown said...

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