Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Design Gallery

I love to see where others go with my designs. I especially love to see what colors they bring to them. So I was delighted when these two were posted to facebook.

Disco Squares published in Beadwork last year is done here in bright reds and greens by Shannon.

I met Shannon at Alaska Bead Company last year. She's great at bringing a new color perspective (and she's lots of fun!). Here is her 'jelly fish' from the urchin class and brightly colored ringlets from the ringlets class.

And then here is Tali's twilight, a freefrom right angle weave cuff from the fabric chapter of the book.

Thanks Shannon and Tali for sharing your beautiful work!


LUCY said...

Precioso. El colorido y el trabajo que tiene es espectacular. Felicidades

GreenGemini said...

Thank you, Marcia! I'm trying to figure out how to get to Beading by the Bay in March...You, Jeanette and Maggie all in one spot sounds like a blast!

Tali said...

Thank you Marcia. It is an honor to see my work on your blog.