Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A full year...

Next year is approaching and it is looking full and wonderful. A couple of new and fabulous travel opportunities including Toronto, and Australia, the inaugural Beading by the Bay retreat,

a Mexican vacation cruise and East Coast vacation to Nantucket, a shopping trip to Tucson, the Bead and Button Show, many of my old favorite stores and a couple of new ones.....

It looks like a serious planning session is in order. Time to print out a blank calendar and organize the time. What samples need to be sent and when, what kits needed kitted, what supplies need ordered, what samples need beaded, what competitions will be entered, what collaborations will be considered.

It seems that the end of a year is a time for looking back as well as forward and as this year closes I remember fondly our many trips to Holland. It's been five years since we lived there and one year since we visited last Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite photos

This winged foot was at the end of the canal where we lived in Haarlem

The swan was a daily visitor in front of the house. This is the canal Mark fell in on Christmas Day while running a remote controlled boat. He was not nearly as amused as the rest of us...

Snow! Probably the last time I was in a live snowstorm (never happens in San Diego)

I continue to love to travel but as I contemplate further travel restrictions yet...I'm not sure the romance of travel still exists.

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Azure Accessories said...

Wow...sounds wonderful...all the travel posssiblities!!! Yes...the travel restrictions will add a new dimension but the outcome will be worth it!!!