Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The color orange

I seem to have orange on my mind....perhaps all of the orange, lime and hot pink ringlets laying around, but it does seem that orange shows up a lot at my house.

Laying around is not quite accurate, they are laying in formation, the formation in which I intend to stitch them to one another.

I took these photos with my new camera,
The first time my aloe bloomed, love that little spire, at least I think they are aloe, but I may stand corrected...

My excellent feather and knitting needle vase arrangement, who needs flowers?
My Devin Somerville sculpture which I dearly love, and am glad I had the good sense to buy when I saw it.

I admittedly have not gotten a good handle on using this new camera so I am glad to be attending this weekends workshop with Kyle Cassidy. He is giving two photography sessions in San Diego I look forward to improving my skills and learning to take great photos of my pieces.


Marcie Abney Carroll said...

Did you read my post from the other day...or just my mind? :) Great minds think alike, although, your's is a step ahead of mind because it has found a way to use orange beautifully! Love the ringlets!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Bella, I hadn't until you mentioned it here and then of course I had to go have a look! I love orange......I can see that is not so true for you!

LissC said...

i have to tell you what is funny about i was looking though beads..and thinking to myself..i have never liked orange..actually..i've always DISliked orange...why then lately..have I been atracted to orange? Not like..pumpkin orange, but bright summer orange has been calling to me for months and i have no idea why. But i keep finding myself in the stores with orange beads in my hand like i'm in some sorta trance. LOL.