Monday, March 8, 2010


Ripplestiltskin takes it's sparkle from using fire polish 'tilted' at a slight angle to capture the light.Mark often gets involved in naming pieces and he named this one. I think it is a tad dorky, but it seems that it makes people laugh so that's a good thing. I'll be teaching it at the Bead and Button show this year.

Lidia created this bright fun orange version which totally lights up!

And I have this brown iris and teal version

The original is a light bright olivine ab, but darn if I can find a picture of that at the moment. I suspect it is on the laptop and never made the transition 'home' to the desktop when I returned from my year in North Carolina.

But at the moment I'm out the door for a few last minute Beading by the Bay supplies.


Fae said...

I love it! Hope you have kits for sale at the Beading by the Bay retreat.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors...and the name. It's super fun.
Bead Happy!

Unknown said...

precioso increible