Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday I had a travel conversation with a friend which reminded me of the amazing amount of travel I've accomplished. My growing up family never traveled....My Mom didn't like it and with two developmentally challenged siblings, it is something we never did.

And then I met Mark. I think a travel compatibility is an important component of a long term relationship (this month marks 27 years since the first date). We met in March and in May he asked me to travel with him to Hawaii. It was magic for me and we've barely stopped since.

Mark prefers tropical climates, although European cities and most anywhere with a good museum will be on his list. But yesterday as Kate and I watched a sailboat in the San Diego Bay I was reminded of a Tahitian sailing trip (no we did not sail to Tahiti, we flew and chartered a boat there) I remember meeting another beader on that trip, but she had left her beads behind thinking there would be no time. For me vacations are always about beading. I'm so relaxed, with no other pressing obligations....and so I gifted her some beads and she was thrilled.

Can you imagine yourself beading here?

Mark didn't bead, but he does know how to relax

Riding this scooter was a favorite pastime
Loving the flower wreath....and the Tahitian pearl necklace

I also beaded a piece of Tahitian coral and gifted our hostess with this piece.

You know when you gift a piece of beadwork and the recipient truly 'gets it', she cried with gratitude.

I love that.


Unknown said...

You look lovely in that swimsuit!

Caren said...

The coral necklace is stunning! How do you get the coral to stay in the beadwork?