Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I continue to wander around the house and take photos ....I'm loving the new lens and the new knowledge, sorting out what works and what doesn't, trying to practice enough for things to become second nature....too dark, open the aperture/smaller number/less depth of field, or use a slower shutter speed/more light.

And I ordered a new light box, a nice neat 4 sided affair which folds flat into it's on attache case. It should arrive today. I'm debating, but I think the new camera won't travel with me. Taking all my beadwork already creates a heavy carryon, so I think the point and shoot will still be my on the road companion.

Here are yesterdays shots.

Miss Maya

Glass Sculpture

Bird of Paradise

Now I'm off to knit lace before getting ready to fly to New Hampshire tomorrow for classes at Bead Creative.


coolmoon said...

Miss Maya looks completely bored with it all. "Whatever" is the look on her face....
I just got a good little digital with a great macro setting and am having LOTS of fun with depth of field, etc. for my Etsy site.
LOVE the photos of your home, Marcia. Just gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Great pictures. I love the one of Miss Maya...(ok, I'm a sucker for any animal pictures). I need to look at getting a new camera...and take a few lessons.
Bead happy!

Jean Hutter said...

The photos are just wonderful - I guess I should invest in a new close up lens for my Nikon. I depend too much on Photoshop for my corrections never really learning all the ins and outs of this camera - the class sounded great and well worth it!!!