Monday, March 22, 2010

Macro lens!

I bought a macro lens to go with my Canon Rebel......and now I'm fully equipped to take great shots....well sort of. Thanks to Kyle I have a better understanding of not only the technical aspects of my camera, but also how to stage a good shot. Although I think plenty of practice is in order and I intend to do just that.

Here are the shots I did this weekend. We also learned some essential photoshop tools to improve the shot, these however come to you unadulterated.

A sweet picture of Chalon

Oz, which I'll be teaching later this summer

Aurelila, also later this year (staging by Kyle, but I'm learning)

Abrege bracelet

The weekend was stellar. All kinds of creative people visiting my home, lots of laughter, huge fun, and Kyle took an amazing shot of Mark and I in our living room. It is a beautiful photograph, the kind Kyle seems to do so easily, and yet it is so compelling. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have this shot, a memory of one of those magical evenings that show up in your life from time to time.

You can see more of the weekend's fun over at Kate's blog.


Shelley said...

All wonderful pictures.

Judith said...

wasn't it great? Sorry to have missed meeting you but I had to take the one-day workshop.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Great photos, Marcia. The Oz one is especially compelling. But I love the one of you and Mark and Maya in motion the best!

Bev said...

Love that pic of Chalon! And all the others. Oz is awesome, Marcia.

tnahowru said...

Great post Marcia!

Andrew Thornton said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, indeed!

I must comment on how clean your house looks. You somehow manage to make the most intricate pieces, made up of thousands of seed beads and crystals... and still have a beautiful house... that's clean. You are a super woman!

Unknown said...

Dig those green shoes, how can you not love a man that can pull off wearing those!
Well we already knew he had good taste, look who he married!

Gale said...

Great post, love the photos.

Jean Hutter said...

WOW you photos are GREAT and with no Photoshop touchup - amazing.