Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Franciso Here I come!

I love San Francisco, it may just be my all time favorite city, but then I am travel fickle, I also love Seattle, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York City, the list is long.....but San Francisco will always hold a special place in my heart.

I'm originally from Massachusetts, so Boston was my first city. I loved it's historic nature, but also the parks and the water and dare I say the shopping! We would get dressed up and take the train and the subway into Boston. There would always be a trip to Filene's basement and at the end of the day an old fashioned ice cream parlor whose name now escapes me. If my dad were along we'd visit the park and watch the swan boats.

At 28 I moved to San Jose and San Francisco became my second city. The terrain and architecture of San Jose was so different then Massachusetts and I spent many a homesick day, but a vist to San Francisco would feel familiar. Well minus the hills, they were both waterfront cities, eclectic neighborhoods, parks, food, museums and shopping.

Beading by the Bay our inaugral beading retreat with seed beaders Maggie Meister and Jean Campbell is this weekend. And although the event itself is not in San Francisco proper it is in Northern California on the San Francisco Bay, an easy jaunt from the airport with access to many good restaurants and a short trip into the city.

I'm leaving a day early to have dinner with good friends and then the fun begins on Thursday as everyone arrives and the festivities get started. Spending creative time with other creative folks is always a highlight and I can't wait!


kate mckinnon said...

Give Maggie a big hug for me- I never get to see enough of her!

Mikki said...

I'll be there in my dreams. Beading and the Bay area....it doesn''t get better than that. Have fun.

Jean Campbell said...

Can't wait, Marcia! So excited to see you and everyone else in San Francisco--my favorite city in the whole wide world, too!

Patricia Boudrot said...

Was it Bailey's where you went for ice cream in Boston? I can almost taste the hot fudge sundae.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Oh my Gosh Patricia, thanks for taking me back to that memory. I lost my Mom this past year and this is one of the things I remember from my childhood, and it was truly the best hotfudge! Thanks!

Erika said...

I can't wait to taek your class in NH!! See you in a few weeks!
~Erika T