Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artist Date in San Juan Capistrano

Julia Cameron, in an The Artists Way, recommends taking yourself on an artist date once a week. My artist date was long overdue and I decided to take an entire day off for rest, relaxation and beauty.

Mark and I headed up the coast to San Juan Capistrano, stopping first in downtown, having a quick wander through some shops. We found a great old piece of black marble that we will use for a coffee table in the garden.

Next we wandered across the train tracks to the historic district. A signpost claims that this is the oldest continually residential street in California.

It was full of quaint cottages, picket fences and brambling flowers.

We stopped for lunch at Ramos House Cafe which was a charming spot tucked into a shaded alcove, with lots of vegetation and an excellent menu. Flannel hash was a mix of gold and red roasted beads ( it has been pointed out that this should pr obably not say beads, and that is correct, it was beets! spell check can only do so much.....) with potatoes and a touch of creme fraiche to hold it all together. It was topped with two 'fried poached eggs' and a pinch of fresh herbs. It was delightful.

Among the cottage flowers I found this Leonotis. I am sure I need some of these in our garden.

And on a visit to the local nursery, we came upon this Monarch, resting in the sun.

After lunch we headed up the coast for a stroll along Dana Point Harbor and further along to Laguna Beach. A casual stroll brought back memories of when my Dad lived there in the late 1980's.

Not wanting our day to end we drove the coast highway back for a scenic ocean view. It was a really nice day.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Did you mean "beets"!? A true bead artist tries to switch out that word whenever possible. Sounds like quite the lovely day. Did you find inspiration in the Leonotis? I did!
Thanks Marcia!

Anonymous said...

Marcia, you may have enjoyed your nice respite but your mind was still engaged with your medium! It sounds as though the "beads" may have been "peppers" but the recollection was still enchanting to the rest of us out in cyberspace! Thanks for the lovely photos.

Lisa said...

Beads, Beets, who cares? It sounds like a lovely day!

Beverly Herman said...

Beads, Beets, Green bead casserole it's all the same. Thanks for sharing you wonderful day